heres a chameleon who changed color


After critiquing my own work I realized the blue shades didn’t justify the piece very well. I decided to play around and take a different approach to the piece. I fixed my selecting during the process of re-doing this piece as well. I chose the colors I did the hues in which they appear for the reason that they enhance the look of the chameleon.


my first time playing the violin

this project sucked but i learned how to deal with it. i could have been the most frustrated with my mac than i have ever been before, but it happens. I’m happy i kept working on it though…

i took a violin and changed it into a means of transportation. it looks like  a third grader made it, but you know. you win some and lose some. mine being the latter. the only reason I’m being hard on myself is because i know my work will eventually look like a college kid’s.

don’t judge me, just don’t. but i understand if you do.

to the one or two people who will see this…

sitting in digital studio class with a million things on my mind as a University of Michigan freshmen, i had nothing better to do than to introduce blogging into my life.

so here’s something i created for homework on photoshop (aka the most confusing application that i am trying to wrap my head around)…

its practical cause my chameleon likes night clubs. like it.