1930’s Advertisement

This was a group project where we worked together to create our own 1930’s advertisement after watching demo videos on:

http://www.lynda.com/Photosho p-CS5-tutorials/Photoshop-for- Designers-Shape-Layers/83783- 2.html

I watched and took notes on Nigel French’s tutorials on Shape Layers. Both Chapter one and chapter two were informative. Most of the creating processes were showing towards the end of chapter two. It was the most helpful when creating our own advertisement.

Here is the history of the type of advertisement, some of the ways to create your own ad, some artists and additional tutorials to reference and notes on what we picked up on during our research.

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Here are some of the notes I collected from French’s tutorials:

Shape (layers)- target path

Pen path (paths)- alt + click= corner, curve; alt + shift= to warp; command key, hybrid, hold alt

filled pixels (layers)

Shape will print crisply

Converting shape to path and vice versa. The shape has to be saved as a path and then you can delete the layer. Then to fill you have to adjust the layer.

Rasterizing is another term for converting pixels. This adds filters to the rasterized shape.

To invert colors you must use the path subtraction the short cut is to add, subtract, intersect, exclude overlap and then combine.

command + g= group alignment

command + a= selects all

Other helpful tutorials similar to this one can be seen in the slideshow.


a modest attempt to paint without actual paint…

I approached this assignment by clearing the opacity of the original picture and enhancing the detail on and off until I used the graffiti can efficiently with the rest of the details on the sock monkey. I made sure the scale worked appropriately with the image itself.

Sock monkey was a good choice.


This tutorial is a good choice for learning how to paint on photoshop.


barely yellow

After presenting my “yellow project” in class, I got a lot of feedback.

They commented on all three aspects: craft, creativity and composition. Overall everyone enjoyed my size and orientation as it was long and trimmed height wise. Many noticed that my technical skills lacked as well. They commented on the crowd and how I should fix the resolution. The idea wasn’t deep as well. I believe I did well at discovering even more ways to use photoshop. I learned a lot through this experience and agree with my classmates constructive criticism.

I have much more to concentrate on for my next piece.


After going through critique and seeing all my classmates pieces, I realized that I wanted to change my topic. I wanted to find out what I associated with yellow and the way the color was perceived in a general consensus. I settled on the color yellow being associated with wisdom. I chose people who I believed were wise. I chose: Muhatma Gandhi, Albert Einstein, Rosalind Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, Napoleon Bonaparte and Mother Theresa. Perhaps controversial to some but I chose an even number so there is no middle. I decided to settle upon the conventional sunset sky. I decided to crop each person and place them on the bottom of the picture. the simplicity is suppose to juxtapose the colored background with the black and white figures. I chose to mask them together and create a slight outer glow. This piece is meant to show wisdom without the glitz and the glam.


sahara city

monday’s assignment for digital studio took hours upon hours of contemplating, mapping out and understanding exactly what i was to do…

not only was there the hurdle of figuring out how to use photoshop itself (which the assigned lynda chapters 1,2,6,11 &12) assisted with but how to narrow the broad project of collaging a couple of pictures together

starring at my arbitrarily themed screensaver of giraffes, elephants and zebras…i thought of camels. i realized the vastness of the desert would be a smart composition for the project. parents weekend passed and i began to miss New York more and more. i played with photoshop by using the tools of opacity, image adjustments, masking, layers and light exposure.

cutting out the head of the camel with the select tool on another photohshop file, transfering it’s size, composition and color onto the color boosted desert backdrop took over two hours. obviously, i am a photoshop genius…

now what? how could i make this creative. i stumbled upon the quote “New York is the great stone desert” by Isreal Zangwill shortly after (during procrastination)

*lightbulb: taking the skyline of the city and using a mask against the black background i feathered the sides and refined the existing sunset background until it became crisp and placed it on the bottom and placed the quote above it.

thoughts for next time: this piece is definitely an improvement from my previous pieces…but not there yet. i would have enjoyed the composition a bit better if i had placed the skyline behind the sand dunes but made sure the line of the camels and was prominently ahead of the skyline in a darker gradient. maybe i could have completely eliminated the camel all together and changed the canvas size then added the quote going across the bottom of the long photograph.








After reviewing my peer’s critiques I decided to take the comments into consideration when re-doing the piece. I choose to take the words out and have the piece create its own meaning. This can be seen by the repetition with the sahara desert and the camels walking across the horizon line and the famous skyline of new york city. Both have the same type of shadow and can show repetitiveness. The camel face looked out of place so I took that aspect out as well. I decided having the skyline behind the camels on a different horizon made for an interesting concept.

heres a chameleon who changed color


After critiquing my own work I realized the blue shades didn’t justify the piece very well. I decided to play around and take a different approach to the piece. I fixed my selecting during the process of re-doing this piece as well. I chose the colors I did the hues in which they appear for the reason that they enhance the look of the chameleon.

my first time playing the violin

this project sucked but i learned how to deal with it. i could have been the most frustrated with my mac than i have ever been before, but it happens. I’m happy i kept working on it though…

i took a violin and changed it into a means of transportation. it looks like  a third grader made it, but you know. you win some and lose some. mine being the latter. the only reason I’m being hard on myself is because i know my work will eventually look like a college kid’s.

don’t judge me, just don’t. but i understand if you do.

to the one or two people who will see this…

sitting in digital studio class with a million things on my mind as a University of Michigan freshmen, i had nothing better to do than to introduce blogging into my life.

so here’s something i created for homework on photoshop (aka the most confusing application that i am trying to wrap my head around)…

its practical cause my chameleon likes night clubs. like it.