letter critique feedback & renders

After receiving all my critique sheets I learned that my work had a lot of room for improvement. People critiqued my work were unimpressed by the way I executed my typeface and illustration. The critiques seemed as if there was more criticism than feedback but I do believe I have ideas to make my illustration and typeface more appealing. Perhaps taking the typeface to a more extreme level will allow me to pick up my grade. As for the illustration, I suppose adding more innuendos that the propane tanks symbolize the letter P itself will higher my grades in that area as well.

I learned that maya wasn’t exactly an easy software. Perhaps taking more risks could have gotten me better peer critiques. I should have taken the assignment in more of a design perspective rather than worrying too much about if the viewer will be able to tell the letter I was rendering. The feedback I got was a bit disappointing but I learned that taking risks and creating a more design oriented piece would have had better feedback.

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p is for pile…

for the letter book idea i have a plethora of ideas…

imagine this: a penguin elongating his foot into the water with a fish nibbling his foot. the fish would be a sherif of the letter. the penguin would have his mouth open and that would serve as the middle of the letter. the whole body would be rounded as the letter is itself.

i guess for the text i would be clever to keep it child like and make it look like a toddler wrote the letter with crayon…



I am not sure where all of this yellow is going. Or if I’m using all these images…but i did catch something about using photoshop and defining below through that.

I curious to see what I will come up with. Only because i know it will take me hours and hours of crying to figure it out and more to figure out how to use photoshop…again.