1930’s Advertisement

This was a group project where we worked together to create our own 1930’s advertisement after watching demo videos on:

http://www.lynda.com/Photosho p-CS5-tutorials/Photoshop-for- Designers-Shape-Layers/83783- 2.html

I watched and took notes on Nigel French’s tutorials on Shape Layers. Both Chapter one and chapter two were informative. Most of the creating processes were showing towards the end of chapter two. It was the most helpful when creating our own advertisement.

Here is the history of the type of advertisement, some of the ways to create your own ad, some artists and additional tutorials to reference and notes on what we picked up on during our research.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here are some of the notes I collected from French’s tutorials:

Shape (layers)- target path

Pen path (paths)- alt + click= corner, curve; alt + shift= to warp; command key, hybrid, hold alt

filled pixels (layers)

Shape will print crisply

Converting shape to path and vice versa. The shape has to be saved as a path and then you can delete the layer. Then to fill you have to adjust the layer.

Rasterizing is another term for converting pixels. This adds filters to the rasterized shape.

To invert colors you must use the path subtraction the short cut is to add, subtract, intersect, exclude overlap and then combine.

command + g= group alignment

command + a= selects all

Other helpful tutorials similar to this one can be seen in the slideshow.


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