barely yellow

After presenting my “yellow project” in class, I got a lot of feedback.

They commented on all three aspects: craft, creativity and composition. Overall everyone enjoyed my size and orientation as it was long and trimmed height wise. Many noticed that my technical skills lacked as well. They commented on the crowd and how I should fix the resolution. The idea wasn’t deep as well. I believe I did well at discovering even more ways to use photoshop. I learned a lot through this experience and agree with my classmates constructive criticism.

I have much more to concentrate on for my next piece.


After going through critique and seeing all my classmates pieces, I realized that I wanted to change my topic. I wanted to find out what I associated with yellow and the way the color was perceived in a general consensus. I settled on the color yellow being associated with wisdom. I chose people who I believed were wise. I chose: Muhatma Gandhi, Albert Einstein, Rosalind Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, Napoleon Bonaparte and Mother Theresa. Perhaps controversial to some but I chose an even number so there is no middle. I decided to settle upon the conventional sunset sky. I decided to crop each person and place them on the bottom of the picture. the simplicity is suppose to juxtapose the colored background with the black and white figures. I chose to mask them together and create a slight outer glow. This piece is meant to show wisdom without the glitz and the glam.



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