sahara city

monday’s assignment for digital studio took hours upon hours of contemplating, mapping out and understanding exactly what i was to do…

not only was there the hurdle of figuring out how to use photoshop itself (which the assigned lynda chapters 1,2,6,11 &12) assisted with but how to narrow the broad project of collaging a couple of pictures together

starring at my arbitrarily themed screensaver of giraffes, elephants and zebras…i thought of camels. i realized the vastness of the desert would be a smart composition for the project. parents weekend passed and i began to miss New York more and more. i played with photoshop by using the tools of opacity, image adjustments, masking, layers and light exposure.

cutting out the head of the camel with the select tool on another photohshop file, transfering it’s size, composition and color onto the color boosted desert backdrop took over two hours. obviously, i am a photoshop genius…

now what? how could i make this creative. i stumbled upon the quote “New York is the great stone desert” by Isreal Zangwill shortly after (during procrastination)

*lightbulb: taking the skyline of the city and using a mask against the black background i feathered the sides and refined the existing sunset background until it became crisp and placed it on the bottom and placed the quote above it.

thoughts for next time: this piece is definitely an improvement from my previous pieces…but not there yet. i would have enjoyed the composition a bit better if i had placed the skyline behind the sand dunes but made sure the line of the camels and was prominently ahead of the skyline in a darker gradient. maybe i could have completely eliminated the camel all together and changed the canvas size then added the quote going across the bottom of the long photograph.








After reviewing my peer’s critiques I decided to take the comments into consideration when re-doing the piece. I choose to take the words out and have the piece create its own meaning. This can be seen by the repetition with the sahara desert and the camels walking across the horizon line and the famous skyline of new york city. Both have the same type of shadow and can show repetitiveness. The camel face looked out of place so I took that aspect out as well. I decided having the skyline behind the camels on a different horizon made for an interesting concept.


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